B&B tooCotton in Zao_Bodaira Yamagata Japan

There is tooCotton in the south of "a forest of a spring" surrounded by cedars in age of 300
and Japanese beechs at one inn which is near to Okama of Yamagata / Zao (a crater lake).
We call it "pension" in Japan, but it is an inn of Western B(bed) and B(breakfast) hotel formality.

hotel charges
Western-style room
Western-style room bath rest room

Bed and Breakfast (tax not included)

Wonderful Western dinner 4,320 yen

Spring / summer / a winter vacation is the same rate as saturday.

Children pay 80% of adult rates.

Have breakfast overlooking the "sea of clouds and Iide/Asahi mountain range.

Your morning coffee is made with our own spring water.

Breakfast time is from 7:30 to 8:30.

Second helpings of coffee and bread are encouraged!


There is a reason for our octagonal building's shape!

From here we can see the spectacular sunsets over Azuma,

Iide and theAsahi Mountain range, along with Dewa Sazan mountain.

When I saw this the first time,I thought that
I must have a place where guests could enjoy this too.

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